Timeless 1620 Planter by Bellitalia

Timeless 1620 Planter by Bellitalia

Planter made of reconstituted natural marble, white granite or gray concrete conglomerate. Copper or stainless steel central band. Integrated water reserve /overflow discharge system. Leveling system. Sandblasted or polished finish. Anti-decay coating. Optional anti-graffiti coating.




Height: 25½"
Diameter: 63¾"
Weight: 3229 lbs.

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sandblasted colored stone

sandblasted black ebony.jpg
sandblasted botticino.jpg
sandblasted gray concrete.jpg
sandblasted green alps.jpg
sandblasted porphyry.jpg
sandblasted red verona.jpg
sandblasted veneziano.jpg
sandblasted white carrara.jpg
sandblasted yellow mori.jpg

sandblasted white granite

sandblasted white granite.jpg

polished colored stone

polished botticino.jpg
polished ebony black.jpg
polished green alps.jpg
polished porfido.jpg
polished veneziano.jpg
polished verona red.jpg
polished white carrara.jpg
polished yellow mori.jpg

polished white granite

polished white granite.jpg


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